Woking Willing Workers

On November 23, 1956 the Woking Willing Workers (WWW) ladies club started and was named by Mrs. Mable Tracy shortly after it was formed. Its first executives were Harriet Herrick as President and Ursula Delfs as Secretary-Treasurer. Part of the reason the club was formed was due to the disbanding of the Legion Auxiliary.
The Woking Willing Workers operate and maintain the Woking Community Hall, as well as support and collaborate with other organizations for the betterment of the communities.

The WWW offers the hall rent free to support local non-profit groups & functions, including events put on by Woking Communities in Bloom, Woking Municipal Library, Westmark Farmer’s League and Woking Skating Rink Association as well as meetings held by community organizations. They have contributed to the A.C.T. Telegram and supported the youngsters of the community by donating to field trips and sponsoring delegates to Gold Eye Lake youth seminars.
The Woking Willing Workers host a variety of events at the Woking Community Hall, throughout the year.
The hall is available for rental and is the perfect place for many activities and events, such as:
Wedding & Baby Showers
Birthday & Anniversary Parties
Community Events
Fitness Activities
Business & Municipal Meetings
Educational Courses



5104 50th Street, Woking, Alberta
Saddle Hills County
ZIP Code:
T0H 3V0
(780) 774-2271