Blueberry Mountain Hall

Blueberry Mountain Hall
The Blueberry Mountain Hall is managed by the Blueberry Mountain Goodwill Society.
The Blueberry Mountain Goodwill Society became a registered Society on August 31, 1962.  They have had a mixture of involvement over the years in a vast array of events from Dine & Dances to Summer BBQ’s to hosting weddings! Many wonderful people  have helped make this Society active and stay around through all the changes that continue to evolve in our world today=)
The hall measures 48×60 and comes with a fully functional  kitchen and bar. There is also a large yard.  Rental rates are posted on the Blueberry Mountain Facebook page..


Located East of the Blueberry Store on Sec. Hwy 680. Mailing address: General Delivery, Spirit River, AB
Saddle Hills County
ZIP Code:
T0H 3G0