Articles by Beverly Lomosad

Rose Haven, Summerset to get slice of building fund

Steve Madden, chief administrative officer of the Grande Spirit Foundation (GSF), said the Rose Haven Manor in the Town of Spirit River and the Summerset Manor in Eaglesham will get a slice of the new capital maintenance and renewal funding allocated for province-owned affordable housing infrastructure.

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Pilot throws light at Starlink inroads

The Government of Alberta announced on Thursday, November 16, it has launched a three-month pilot project with Starlink, a satellite Internet constellation operated by American aerospace company SpaceX, to hook three rural, remote communities with high-speed Internet connectivity. The government said the pilot is part of “building on the goal to connect every part of the province to high-speed Internet by 2027” and designed to test the feasibility of a high-speed satellite Internet rebate program. When it comes to alleviating slow rural Internet speeds, it appears residents in the Central Peace have had traction with Starlink long before the pilot’s lift-off.

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