Q&A with Don Murray, General Manager, Richmond Dry Cleaners Ltd

Don Murray

What are the services you offer to people who drop off their dry cleaning at the Hub Convenience Store (Hub) in Spirit River?
We offer services in our store in Grande Prairie such as coveralls and gloves, coverall repair, special care and alterations, cleaning of household items, wedding gowns and fine dry cleaning.

How long does it usually take to get the dry cleaning back?
For customers in the Spirit River and area, drop-off and pick-up can be arranged through the Hub. We do offer same-day service for coveralls, but the customer would have to drop them off at Richmond Dry cleaners in Grande Prairie by 10:30am.

Walk us through what happens next after we take our dry cleaning to the Hub.
After you drop off your dry cleaning at the Hub, they transport it to Richmond Dry Cleaners in Grande Prairie, and we process the items. Once we are finished, the items get transported back to the Hub. This is a once-a-week service.

People may be interested to learn that Richmond Dry Cleaners is locally owned and operated. How long has Richmond Dry Cleaners been in business?
We have been in business since 1961. In 1961, Erich and Johanna Schubert opened the first Richmond Dry Cleaners location on 101 Avenue in Grande Prairie. In 1979, Richmond Dry Cleaners relocated to the Schubert Building, where it is still currently located.

Has dry cleaning changed over the years?
It definitely has. Richmond Dry Cleaners was the first dry cleaner north of Edmonton to become eco-friendly. In 2014, we changed over to an eco-friendly solvent, which is better for the environment.

Exactly how does dry cleaning work? Is there a type of washing machine involved?
Clothes are soaked in the solvent to remove dirt, grime, bacteria, and odours. An extractor is then used to remove the solvent from your clothes. The solvent can be recycled and used again. To finish, clothes are pressed to remove any creases.

Should we pre-treat stains before we take our dry cleaning in?
It is best not to touch them. You can set a stain by trying to pre-treat it.

Are there stains you can’t get out?
Generally speaking, we can get most stains out. But we are not miracle workers, and some stains such as paint are tough to get out.

How often should items be dry-cleaned – for example, suits, leather and suede, embellished items?
Oils on skin, dirt and grease all act like sandpaper, so these are mere guidelines for normal usage. Shirt and blouses should be dry-cleaned after every wear, and dresses and skirts, once every two or three wears. Blazers may be dry-cleaned a few times a year, depending on how often you wear them. Pants should be dry-cleaned every two-to-three wears. Dry-clean coats and jackets at the end of winter and put them away. Also, remember that we press shirts and pants, so they look better after dry-cleaning than if they come out of the dryer at home.

What do you think the future holds for the dry-cleaning industry?
Richmond Dry Cleaners makes you look good. People like to present themselves in the best light, and using Richmond Dry Cleaning services make your outfits look sharp. As long as garments such as denim, rayon, linen, leather, suede, wool and silk are worn, dry cleaning is the best option to keep them properly cared for and maintained.


  • Location: 103, 10006-101 Ave., Grande Prairie, AB T8V 0Y1
  • Phone: (780) 532-3232
  • E-mail: don@richmondcleaners.ca
  • Web: www.richmondcleaners.ca