Q&A with Ginette Paradis, owner, Inner Power Wellness

Ginette Paradis

You have a yoga studio and meditation centre where you offer Yoga Wellness classes as well as Emotional Detox sessions. Can you describe a bit of what happens at both?
Yoga classes are 45-60 minutes long, and they are intended for people of all body types and abilities to explore their breath through movement while building strength and a deeper connection with self. Emotional Detox sessions pair breath work with affirmations to clear out emotional blocks in the body that may have surfaced as physical ailments and discomforts, including weight gain, unexplainable pain, and digestion issues.

How did you get started on this wellness journey? Is it a journey?
I would agree with calling this path a journey because the highs and lows of life continue, but the way I experience them has changed. My personal journey with yoga and emotional detox started way back in 2006 out of necessity. My health was failing, and I knew something had to change. Yoga and Emotional Detox allowed me to move through some deeply engrained emotional scars. Unblocking suppressed emotions gave me room to grow and expand my perspective into one that served me better. It’s been a gentle journey that has given me ample opportunity to live my best life one day at a time.

I’ve entered my 17th year in business in 2022. Time flies.

You offer online appointments for the Emotional Detox sessions. Can yoga be done online as well? How would that work?
Yes! All of my services have now shifted to online delivery for these reasons:

  • The delicate times we are in require some adapting, and the need for accessible self-care options was apparent everywhere I looked. Everyone needs a little extra love right now.
  • In the past, I offered classes/sessions in a few different locations in the area to meet demand, but the running around, so to speak, often left me feeling burnt out and unable to keep serving my clients sustainably.
  • Shifting to online teaching is allowing me to serve a broader clientele, one that I hope will span across the globe. It has also kept my expenses down (no travel or rental space), which means my services are extremely affordable. Yoga classes, for example, are $9.95/class, which is within reach for many people.

Yoga series are delivered through a private Facebook group, where clients can access unlimited replays of classes. This allows each individual to fit the classes into their personal schedules and to repeat classes as many times as they wish for the duration of a series.

Emotional Detox sessions are offered via Zoom, and sessions are one-on-one, focusing on each individual’s specific needs.

My overall goal has been to make self-care sustainable, accessible and affordable. The shift to online delivery seems to be aligning with that.

This may be a tough question as it probably depends on the person, but how many Emotional Detox sessions are usually required before one can feel a newfound energy and motivation?
You are right in saying that results differ for everyone, but I do feel confident in saying that just one Emotional Detox session has consistently led to improvements in the lives of all my clients. Everything from deep relaxation to major shifts in energy have been expressed by my clients after a single session. It is gentle work that provides powerful results.

What is the age limit for your services? Would these benefit teens who are facing a whole new strange world to navigate?
Great question! My services are best suited for people 12 years of age and older. I feel confident that teens would indeed benefit from these services. Self-awareness, mindfulness and positive stress management are keys for adapting to and navigating through difficult circumstances. I think it’s fair to say that those skills/tools are beneficial to all age groups.

When it comes to being emotionally overwhelmed, when someone hits that emotional wall where they simply need immediate help, can an appointment for an Emotional Detox session be set up with very short notice? How does that work?
Booking services will require clients to send an e-mail through my website, www.innerpower.ca, and I respond with booking options as quickly as humanly possible.

It says on your website that you are a woman of faith. Does that mean your meditation centre is faith-based? Can one think of yoga as a practice based on faith?
I am a woman of faith and do all of my work grounded in my personal truth. Although I do have some faith-based wellness training, it doesn’t always apply to each individual’s needs. I meet people where they are, as they are. I feel that all actions/services can indeed be faith-based if our hearts are aligned, but I also believe that this is a personal journey that deserves deep respect.

What type of yoga do you offer?
I have training in hatha, vinyasa and restorative yoga. Each online series I offer has a slightly different focus. For example, the Mind Body Detox Series beginning in February 2022 is focused on restorative practices that will calm our nervous systems and restore the energy lost on things out of our control.

After a session or class, what can you be found doing to rejuvenate and, if need be, ground yourself again?
I love to be active, so downhill skiing, snowshoeing, hiking, kayaking and weight lifting are all things that help me feel alive. I do also value quiet downtime spent with a pile of books, a journal and a cozy cup of tea.