Q&A with Karen Corfe, Co-Owner, Efroc Industries

Karen Corfe

How much a part of your business is the fact that you are a Commercial Vehicle Inspection facility (CVIP)?
Being a licensed Commercial Inspection Facility plays a major role in our business, as we are required to keep our facility registered and up-to-date with the standards set by the Government of Alberta’s Department of Transportation. That means meeting the government requirements for equipment and training updates.

Our technicians are required to get a special license to perform these inspections on the equipment as well. Our technicians completing these inspections and doing the required repairs helps to ensure larger trucks, trailers and equipment on the roads are safe to operate. This is important because we all share the road.

Is most of your business within the oil and gas industry?
We do a lot of work in the oil and gas sector. We also work with farmers on their equipment, grain trailers and livestock haulers. And we work within the forestry industry as well on log trucks and various other equipment.

Fred Corfe

Do you do callouts, or is all of your work done in your shop?
Yes, we do callouts. We try to get the customer repaired onsite and on their way. If this isn’t possible, we try to get them back to our shop in an efficient manner to complete the repairs. The shop has better working conditions and access to tools, and diagnostic equipment is quicker and can be extremely helpful. There is also more efficient access to parts, as we do carry an inventory of parts for common repairs.

What would you describe as your service area?
We provide service to Alberta north – from Valleyview and Grande Prairie into the B.C. Peace and as far east as High Prairie.

Can you tell us some of the services you offer?
We can work on all makes and models of highway truck/tractor and trailers providing services and repairs as well as some off-road equipment. We do some welding and fabricating. We can do some engine diagnostics and programming.

We are also a distributor for Espar truck heaters and new units as well as some parts for them. Additionally, we are a distributor for Speed Demon LED lighting, lights for all makes and models and carry a variety of parts for truck and trailer repairs.

Do you offer diesel repairs?
We do offer diesel engine diagnostics and repairs.

If I need a heavy-duty mechanic, can you help?
Absolutely. We have three licensed heavy duty equipment technicians on staff with a large variety of experience to draw from for problem-solving as well as other staff members with varied experience in the industry.

What about smaller jobs? Do you take them?
We don’t normally work on automotive equipment unless it falls into the CVIP guidelines for inspections. We are happy to take on any job within the heavy equipment industry.

What is your turnaround time?
Our turnaround time on any job is as efficient as we can make it, as we know how important it is to keep our customers working and on-the-go.

What would we expect to find you doing in your spare time?
My spare time is spent with family and friends camping, fishing, boating, or other adventures or quilting.

Fred’s spare time in the summer is spent camping and boating and in the winter sledding.

Is there anything more you’d like to share?
We would like to talk about the Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP) in Alberta. We work with RAP to help students obtain credits and training under the program in conjunction with their high school as well as provide training and on-the-job learning for apprentices so they can become licensed technicians.

The Heavy-Duty Equipment Technician is a four-year program in Alberta.


  • Location: 49 Street, Spirit River, AB T0H 3G0
  • Phone: (780) 864-4460
  • After Hours Number: 1-780-512-1548
  • E-mail: efroc2010@hotmail.com