Q&A with Corey Beaupre, Owner, Yours to Brew

Corey Beaupre

Yours to Brew has been open for close to a year now. How has the experience been?
The experience of being a business owner has been quite eye-opening. Overall, the experience has been quite enjoyable, and the interaction with many different people in a positive way has been fun. We are gratified by so many returning, satisfied clients. It tells us we’re doing a good job and there’s a need for it in our community.

When I come in and want to try my own brew, where do I start? Do I bring supplies, do I have to know what flavour I want, do I have to read up on how to brew an alcoholic beverage?
For people to want to try their own brew, all they need to do is come in and ask some questions. All the equipment is available for them to brew on location, or equipment is available for purchase and brew at home.
Yours to Brew offers a variety of white, red and flavoured wines. With a few questions a wine could be chosen that the client will be very happy to enjoy.

What are the steps involved in the brewing process?
For brewing, there are basically three steps involved in the majority of the kits available: starting the kit, racking (transferring) to a carboy, and bottling.

How much time does it require on my part?
For starting the kits, the process only takes 10-15 minutes. Yours to Brew will sterilize the equipment then lead you step-by-step in adding the ingredients and then the yeast. For racking, wine requires about 25 minutes and beer about 10 minutes. For bottling, generally 45-60 minutes is sufficient to bottle either wine or beer.

Is going to Yours to Brew an all-around easier process than if I tried this myself at home? What makes it easier?
Yes, brewing onsite is easier than brewing at home. Onsite, all the sterilization and cleaning of the equipment before and after use is performed for the customer. Another advantage of performing the brewing onsite is that there is space dedicated to the process, and the temperature is relatively controlled. Also, all the equipment needed for the process is available and not needed to be stored at home.

What is the difference between brewing wine and brewing beer?
Brewing beer from the kits is a pretty simple process. We set up the kits initially and add the yeast. From there, we transfer it once to allow for settling of any solids in the beer. And then the beer is bottled with a bit of sugar, which will provide the carbonation.

Brewing wine from a kit is a bit more involved but is still pretty simple. We set up the kits initially and add the yeast. During the transfer to the carboy (normally after two weeks) we degas the wine to allow for better settling, add products for stabilization and preservation, then add products to settle out the yeast cells and any other solids that may be in the wine. Then after an appropriate settling and aging time the wine is bottled.

How does the equipment get cleaned between batches?
All the equipment is rinsed of any solids that are present. Then each piece of equipment is handwashed with soap and water and allowed to dry. Then just prior to using again, the equipment is chemically sterilized and rinsed with water.

Can Yours to Brew accommodate many kits at one time?
Yours to Brew has many available fermenters and carboys available with plenty of space to accommodate a large number of kits at a time.

If I want a nice wine or beer for the holidays, when should I come in to make it? And is it smart to discuss what I am looking for with you first?
The wine kits available are ready to enjoy as soon as they are bottled. Yours to Brew offers a range of kits of 4, 5, 6 and even 8 weeks. Therefore, allowing yourself more time for the process will allow for a greater selection of wines to choose.

Beer kits require two weeks to brew and a minimum of two weeks after bottling for carbonation.

Can I create special labels at Yours to Brew as well?
At this time, Yours to Brew is not offering the service of providing special labels. We are always looking for ways to meet our clients’ needs, so if this is something they are interested in, we would be open to it.

If I am still intimidated by the thought of brewing my own wine or beer, what would you say to assure me I would have a good tasting end product?
I think our many returning customers speak for themselves. So many of our clients are pleased with their products and keep coming back. We try to work with you to find a wine or beer that suits your tastes. My wife and I have found that we are especially pleased with the quality of the brand we carry and will never go back to the cheaper brands we used to make at home before running this store.


  • Location: 4608 – 50th Street Spirit River
  • Phone: (780) 876-3599
  • E-mail: yourstobrew@icloud.com