Q&A with Terri Gale, Legal Assistant, Thorne and Thorne (Spirit River Office)

Terri Gale

Who does Thorne and Thorne mainly represent?
We represent many business operations in Alberta and British Columbia. We also represent individuals in their personal matters.

What are Thorne and Thorne’s practice areas?
Our litigators practice in the litigation areas of personal injury, civil litigation, and family law. Our solicitors practice in the areas of corporate, commercial, and business taxation for the business community. We also do a lot of real estate transactions and provide guidance for wills and estates work.

Andrew Thorne designed a small experimental satellite office. Is that the one you work for in Spirit River, or are there more than one satellite office?
About 10 years ago, we noticed a trend in the demand for legal services. The norm for lawyers used to be “in-person” meetings, couriering, and telephone communications. Technology changed that as new communication forms became more efficient. The demand by our clients began to shift to the Internet with video conferencing and e-mailing. Faxes got replaced with PDFs. We still do a lot of in-person meetings but have found that many of our clients are grateful for the efficiency that these new technologies provide. This trend increased greatly during the pandemic.

What made Thorne and Thorne decide to open a satellite office in Spirit River?
Spirit River is a service hub for various agriculture and oil and gas operations in the surrounding area. I have been a long-term employee living in the community for many years, and we decided to open this office to provide a service that the community does not presently have on a daily basis.

What are the satellite office hours?
Our regular office hours are from 8:30am to 4:30pm, Monday-Friday. However, during the pandemic, we have asked that our clients call in advance to set up an appointment.

How does a satellite office work? Is there a lawyer who comes in certain days, or does one correspond virtually with the lawyer?
Our intention is to have a full-time employee onsite, to make any number of lawyers available virtually, and to attend in person as needed.

As a legal assistant, what does your job entail?
My main duties as a legal assistant involve communicating with clients, organizing and maintaining client files, managing the lawyers’ schedules, and drafting and proofreading correspondence and legal documents.

On the Thorne and Thorne website it says, “We are a law firm in expansion.” Are you able to share the firm’s vision for the future?
Our clients have expanded their business and personal lives beyond the locations where we have offices in. We currently have offices in Edmonton, Vancouver and Fort McMurray. We also own another commercial space in another small community of Alberta and hope to expand in that community in the very near future. We will continue to expand as the opportunities present themselves.

Please tell us a little bit more about Thorne and Thorne as a firm.
We are a family-oriented firm, and all the partners and many of the staff have outside interests. I am personally involved in multiple local organizations such as the Rycroft and District Lions Club, the Rycroft and Spirit River Figure Skating Club, and the Spirit River Regional Academy Sunshine Foundation.


  • Location: Suite #1, 4605-50th Street, Spirit River (Above the Registry Office)
  • Phone: (780) 864-2045 or (780) 791-9979
  • E-mail: terri@thorneandthorne.onmicrosoft.com
  • Web: www.thorneandthorne.ca