Q&A with Britainy Toews, owner of Knots N Stuff By Brit

Britainy Toews

How did you get started with your business?
I have been selling my crafts for about 13 years, on and off, but stepped away from crochet dolls about three years ago due to issues with my hands. I then started stepping into the world of vinyl work; it was something that didn’t put strain on my hands like crochet was but still let my creativity out.

Have you always been creative?
For as long as I can remember I have always been creative and crafty. I started with drawing and still do draw and paint every now and then. I was the child growing up that always had all the craft kits circled in the old Sears Christmas catalogues or getting my grandmas to help me sew something or make something out of whatever was lying around.

You create crochet critters – personalized bulbs, shirts and mugs. What are some of your bestsellers?
Right now, T-shirts and sweaters. Around Christmas time I get a lot of requests and a lot of personalized bulb orders.

Do you attend farmers markets?
At the moment, no. But I have done multiple Christmas crafts sales in the past and will hopefully be doing a few of them this year. You can find some of my ready-made shirts at The Dragonflies Den in Spirit River.

You have a lot of crocheted items. What are some of your favorites to create?
It’s been a few years since I’ve picked up the crochet hook, but my absolute favourite doll I made was an original pennywise clown doll from the movie It!

How do you come up with new ideas?
Most ideas usually come from something I see or something I have thought of. I will then try to get the design made up on my iPad or on paper until it’s what I have pictured or what I want it to look like. A lot of trial and error but, most times, I will get the image I’m wanting. I have had many different designs that are now on shirts or bulbs that I first drew out by hand.

How much time do you spend on your business each day?
It depends on the season, but during the busy times I feel like I sometimes don’t leave my office. During slower times I usually dedicate a good five hours a week to get some stock made up and do orders. It’s hard to put a time on it. Some days it’s most of the day; other days it’s just looking for inspiration.

You do custom orders as well. What are some of the occasions you do custom orders for?
I have done custom orders for multiple occasions – from baby showers, to bridal showers, to weddings, to birthdays. I have even done items for businesses. If you have an idea for a shirt or mug, I can usually get something designed for you.
How much time, on average, do you require for a custom order?
I usually tell people a week, that is, if I have items in stock. If I have to order in, it will be over two weeks. It also depends on the quantity needed.

What is the best part about your business?
I get to be at home and run my own schedule so I can be there for my kids.

How do you prefer people contact you?
The best way to contact me for orders and questions is through my Facebook page – Knots N Stuff By Brit.

What might people be surprised to find out about you?
That I have way too many hobbies! I have a tendency to want to learn new skills, so I go full in to learn how to do it or make it. I started with teaching myself to crochet dolls and sew my daughter’s clothes when she was younger. Last year, I got into woodwork and built a few farm style benches for my home and now I’m looking into different techniques to do with shirts and mugs. Let’s just say my craft room has a huge assortment of different things!


  • Location: Savanna/Bonanza Area
  • E-mail: toewsrus@gmail.com