Q&A with Lurind Jeaneaux, of Bay Tree Community Park Association

KIDS AT BAY TREE PARK: (From left) Memphis Maxwell, Keira Thompson, Cole Thompson, and Phoenix and Maddox Maxwell

How long has the Bay Tree Community Park Association existed?
The park has been in use for many years going as far back as 1951 when the picnic grounds were used for the Bay Tree Ball Club’s baseball diamond. Since the 1970s it was cared for under the Bay Tree Community Hall Association until the community hall was moved to Dawson Creek’s Walter Wright Pioneer Village. It was 2017 when the park’s name was registered as the Bay Tree Community Park Association. The land was originally donated by Joan and Albert Beck.

It must take a lot of work to maintain the park. How many volunteers do you have to be able to work on the park?
We have a core group of 4-5 families and membership of up to 18-20 per year. However, whenever we put a call out for extra help, the community comes through.

The park now has a playground. When and how did that come about?
In 2017, planning began for a new playground. A committee was formed to organize the project. Funding was made available through Birchcliff Energy Ltd and Saddle Hills County, along with a few smaller donations from other donors.
The funding allowed us to have the playground completed in July 2018. We also received donations of tools, equipment and supplies. Meals were supplied, making it a festive “together we did it” atmosphere. Volunteers worked for two days. We are very grateful for all who played a part.

Does the playground get a lot of use?
Yes, the playground does get a lot of use as we have a large population of young children in Bay Tree. Also, it is a popular spot to visit with your soft ice cream from the Bay Tree Store.

How has the pandemic affected people’s ability to enjoy the park?
We believe that the park has had less traffic than usual, but our space allows for many small groups to be there at one time. Our outdoor “outhouses” are cleaned weekly, and hand sanitizer is available.

How often do you meet?
Our association has an Annual General Meeting (AGM) every spring, and Director’s Meetings are called as needed, especially when we are doing projects. Upgrades are being done to the concession building, and plans are in place for the addition of picnic tables, fire pits and benches later this year.

Do you accept new members?
We always welcome new members. Sign-up is available prior to every AGM.

How can people get in touch with you?
For more information contact Marge Lewicki, our president for many years, at (780) 353-2248 or me at (250) 786-5716. The staff at Bay Tree Store are great supporters of our park, and they would be able to put you in touch with us.


  • Location: Bay Tree
  • Phone: (250) 782-7321
  • E-mail: lurind@yahoo.com