Q&A with Joanne Braaten, owner of Daisy Hill Home & Garden

Joanne Braaten

This is your second year in operation, how did last year go?
Last year went very well. We had pretty much sold out within 10 days.

What have you learned from your first year?
We learned from our first year that, among other things, we needed to have a better heat and lighting system set-up to start some of the earlier plants like peppers and tomatoes.

Have you made changes as a result?
Yes, we have built a grow stand with LED lights as well as a heat table to germinate seeds quicker.

What prompted you to open your business? Has this been a dream of yours?
I’ve had the first greenhouse for a number of years that my parents had given me when they were going to retire their greenhouse business in Chetwynd. But after a few years my Dad decided retirement wasn’t for them, so I went and helped them for the next few years then decided it was time for me to open my own. My parents are 81 years old and still opening the greenhouse with the help of my sisters, brother-in-law and niece.

You have two greenhouses, will there be plans for an expansion, or are you going to see what this season is going to be like first?
We built a third much-larger greenhouse last fall, so we have more than doubled our growing capacity.

How do you decide on the mix of plants you have for sale?
Deciding on the plants is a very difficult job. There are so many beautiful plants to choose from. Generally, I try to choose things that hang well from baskets or very showy with a mix of sun and shade plants, and I also like to try new varieties I haven’t seen before.

What plants have proven to be most popular with customers?
I think the most popular plant for customers is the petunia. It is so versatile in hanging baskets, as a bedding plant as well as mass planting in a large area. It also comes in so many colors.

Last year you had a lot of cute non-plant display items around. Will any of those be for sale this year?
Yes. I will have a small assortment of vintage items and knick-knacks that I have collected throughout the year.

What are your favourite plants and why?
I would have to say my favourite flower is also the petunia. I love all the variations and colours they come in and the fact they can handle a little abuse and a couple of frosts and still look good.

What can you be found doing in your spare time?
I like to do a little basic woodworking as well as growing a vegetable garden and canning in the fall.


  • Location: 13117 Township Road 790, Bay Tree, AB T0H 0A0
  • Phone: (250) 784-7034
  • E-mail: braatenjoanne@gmail.com
  • 2021 Season Starts: Saturday, May 8