Q&A with Meagan Macooh, owner of Farm Fresh Kitchen

Meagan Macooh

You recently started selling home cooked freezer meals, baked goods and soup. What made you decide to start this type of business?
I wanted to start a freezer meal business for people who are busy, working, or away from home and need a home cooked meal. I have always been in the kitchen with my mom since I was a little girl (mainly in the way or sleeping under the table).

Where do you get your recipes? And do you grow/raise most of the ingredients yourself?
A lot of my recipes are family recipes. Some are new, but they have been tried. I have a lot of taste testers in my family. Some produce comes fresh out of the garden – when in season, of course. We grow a big garden on our farm.

You must love to cook. Where did that love come from?
I do love to cook. That comes from my mom and other family members always getting together in the kitchen to do dozens of meals. About three years ago I became a “farm wife” after I moved to the farm with my boyfriend. I enjoy doing meals and preparing them before seeding and harvest to make sure I have lots of healthy homemade meals for our hard-working crew in the field.

Do you use a commercial kitchen, or do you cook everything at home?
I do use a commercial kitchen to prep and make everything. I use the Rycroft Hall community kitchen; it is an amazing kitchen to be able to prep and have lots of room so I can have multiple meals on the go all at once.

What are the portion sizes you offer?
There are three portion sizes for freezer meals: small, medium and large. Soups come in 1L containers, cabbage rolls come in bags of a dozen, and cookie dough will come in bags of two dozens. There are also single serve grab-and-go items like muffins, baked cookies and breakfast buns. Senior pricing is available on the small freezer meals as well as soups.

Do you plan to expand and include special dietary restriction meals such as low salt or low fat? How about for people trying to lose weight, will you be offering special meals for them?
For now, I am just doing a basic menu. If this gets bigger, I would like to be able to include weekly or bi-weekly orders for people. In the meantime, if people do want a week or two worth of meals, they can contact me, and I can make an order for them.

Are your baked goods and your soups frozen as well?
Baked goods and soups come frozen as well. I will update my Facebook page as to when I am bringing meals, soup and baked goods. If people wish to grab them before they’re frozen, they are more than welcome to.

Your products are currently available at the Dragonflies Den in Spirit River. Will this be the only place one can buy your frozen meals, or do you offer online purchase and home delivery as well?
For now, my products are only available at the Dragonflies Den. If demand increases, I will do delivery or special orders.

How are your meals packaged? Is the material you use recyclable?
Freezer meals are packaged in tin containers, and people are more than welcome to reuse them. Soups come in one-litre containers with a lid that can also be reused.

Are the re-heating instructions on each package?
I have included on each one of the packages cooking or heating instructions as well as a list of ingredients. Freezer meals are pre-cooked and if thawed can be transferred to a microwaveable plate and heated in the microwave instead of the oven.

What is your hope for Farm Fresh Kitchen?
I would just like to see people enjoy their home cooked meal and hope to make their lives a little easier. I believe a home cooked freezer meal is healthier than grabbing take-out. For those busy days, why not have a home cooked meal at your convenience?


  • Phone: (780) 864-5576
  • E-mail: meaganvball@hotmail.com

Farm Fresh Kitchen’s products are available for purchase at Dragonflies Den on main street in Spirit River.