Shirley “Momzie” Marie Uhryn (September 24, 1943 – April 4, 2021)

Shirley “Momzie” Uhryn (nee Bayers), current resident of Stony Plain, and former resident of Volin, Alberta, passed away peacefully on April 4, 2021 on Easter Sunday morning.

Shirley was one of two daughters of Mary Schewchiw who was the only surviving child of Mr and Mrs Dan Schewchiw who moved from Ukraine to Prestville, Alberta in 1928. And William Bayers born July 22, 1918 in Wakaw, Saskatchewan who moved to the Peace Country in a box car in 1927. Mary married Bill Bayers.

Shirley has one loving sister Jeanette Scratch (Erie, Alcina); 4 children Donna (Bob, Erin & Ross), Myron (Stacy, Chloe), Tamara (James), Sasha (Kyla, Dax, Ty) multiple cousins on Bayers, Rudichuk, Uhryn (John, Marie, Nina, Mike) and Lesyk sides. Shirley has many nieces and nephews (Helen, Polly, Deb, Julie, Liz, Nestor, Colleen, Pat, Greg) and great nieces and nephews (Noel, Steve, Ashley, Rachael, Raphael, Dylan, Sarah, Jenna, Milo, Emily, Emmett). Family was very important to Shirley, as her mother was an only child.

Shirley was raised in Prestville, Alberta, east of Rycroft, until she met her husband William (Bill) S Uhryn and then she moved to Volin, AB north of Rycroft, after they were married July 14, 1961 which was 60 years (2021) where they still loved each other and enjoyed an Easter Celebration in the Westview Continuing Care Centre.

Shirley was a super successful person, raising 4 children with her husband Bill (they received the Northlands Farm Family Award 1988 when in Volin), while going to University to become a teacher for 35 years, Alberta Teachers Association representative for many years and sat on the Negotiation Committee, while still doing chores on the cattle ranch, grain farm, preparing meals for the family and hired hands, driving 4 children to music lessons (Shirley drove in the summer and Bill drove in the winter 2 hours travel time once a week at -45c), proud supporter of the arts by buying seasons passes to threatre productions for the family. Shirley enjoyed sports like basketball and partipated in the Winter Frolic and won log sawing and leg wrestling events for a few years. Shirley enjoyed planting and harvesting her own organic garden, visiting and hosting with Bill 50 to 100 plus guests celebrations and pig roasts with family, cousins, in-laws and friends, the like. Shirley likely cooked over a million meals all said and told.

Shirley, ahead of her time, grew an enormous garden every year and stored, preserved and gave away organic produce and eggs. Shirley also enjoyed picking berries and mushrooms, if she had time.

Shirley was a huge proponent for the environment and planet and hoped to leave it better than she found it.

Shirley enjoyed family history and traced roots back on both sides of the family to the 1600s. Her and our family history will live on, as new members of the family continue her work. Shirley and Bill were on the initial committee who published Wheatfields and Wildflowers, a history of Rycroft and surrounding history which includes her and Bill’s family’s history.

Shirley enjoyed traveling with her husband to various places (Peru, China, Europe, Canada, Rocky Mountain Train, Jasper trips to Miette hot springs, US family visits, Reunion trips to Wakaw, SK, Cuba, etc) and no matter the place, Shirley enjoyed a good conversation and meal with the locals, whether they be in Arizona, or Arctic. Shirley also toured the Amazon by herself and this was evidence of her adventurous personality.

Shirley was a people person and her impact and contributions will be felt for centuries, and all the people and souls that she touched as a teacher for 35 years, volunteer at community halls, museums (Stony Plain and Toronto Schevchenko ), Stony Plain Chamber of Commerce or as a World Traveler.

A private, invitation only service will be held in the next few weeks to celebrate Shirley’s life, life contributions and to lay her beautiful peaceful soul to rest.

A Celebration of her life will follow at a later date in the summer at the Greenway Cemetery. Loved ones wishing to donate in Shirley’s memory, may donate to: David Suzuki Foundation.

Written tributes or condolences can be made by visiting:

Alternatively, e-mail: or call 250-217-9743 and your kind words will be communicated to her husband “Precious Bill” and family.