Q&A with Josh Campbell, owner of Breton Plumbing and Heating

Josh Campbell

You are a Red Seal certified plumber and a Class B gasfitter. What exactly does that mean?
Red Seal means that I am able to work and pull permits anywhere in Canada once I passed my interprovincial exam. As a Class B gasfitter, I am able to work on gas appliances up to 400,000btu.

Do you offer free estimates?
Yes, I do. I will come out to your home or business to get a better understanding of what needs to be done to have a more accurate estimate.

What is the geographical area in which you work?
Currently, I service the Central Peace area (Saddle Hills County, Spirit River, Rycroft, etc.) as well as the Dawson Creek area.

A lot of houses around here are older homes. Is it difficult to repair older pipes with new materials?
No, there are a lot of adapters available to transition between older and newer material. The biggest difficulty I run into is the accessibly to the location where I have to replace or fix.

Have plumbing and heating changed much since these homes were built?
Yes, there has been a fair bit of change since these homes have been built. Regulations and codes have become stricter in the past 20 or so years. On gas, a big change is the efficiency of new appliances versus their older counterparts.

What questions should I ask you before I hire you? I know that “are you insured” is important, but what else should I ask?
Qualifications are important as plumbing and gas are certified trades. Experience in repairing/replacing what you would like done.

What areas do you specialize in?
I specialize in service work, renovations and new construction.

What is backflow testing, and can backflow be prevented?
We don’t provide backflow testing at this time.

How did you get started in the plumbing and heating business, and why both together?
Coming from a family of tradesmen, I knew construction was what I wanted to do. As a teenager, I spent a few summers working for a plumbing and heating company and enjoyed the variety of work involved in the trade. Twelve years later, it is something I still really enjoy doing.

Is any job too big or too small for you?
As I am only a one-man company at this time, jobs can be too big for me in the sense that I don’t have the labour force to complete large jobs with a short timeline. On the flip side, no job is too small for me.

You offer 24-hour emergency call out service. How often do you get called out of bed, and how does that affect the rest of your day?
Depending on the season (winter callouts are more frequent), I would say an average of 2-3 times a month. Sometimes I have to shift my day to ensure I can still do the scheduled jobs I had. People are pretty understanding when they know you were at someone’s house who didn’t have heat in minus 20-degree weather.

Do you have anything you’d like to add that I did not ask?
As a newer, local business in the area I look forward to serving the community for years to come.


  • Phone: (780) 864-9673
  • E-mail: bretonplumbing@gmail.com
  • PO Box 45, Gordondale, AB T0H 1V0