Q&A with Justin Mathison, Owner/Operator of SixFive Industrial Ltd

Justin Mathisonand Rebecca Newman

You offer mobile millwright and welding services 24-7 servicing the Peace Country. How long have you been doing this?
We started in 2019.

What do millwrights do? 
Millwright is a trade where there are no limits to what one can do with it – from agriculture to oil and gas, to food processing, to forestry. We can work on some of the most important equipment in the world, and some of the most expensive. We dismantle, rebuild, install and maintain all types of equipment such as – just to name a few – pumps, conveyors, compressors, turbines, and precision-machining equipment.

Do you require safety certificates in your job?
Yes, we require a few to complete some of our day-to-day tasks, such as for aerial work platform, confined space, fall protection, first aid.

Supposedly, millwrights tend to be realistic individuals, which means they’re independent, stable, persistent, genuine, practical, and thrifty. Does this describe you?
Yes, I believe that is accurate. When we are dealing with customers, we like to be upfront and honest about everything. I believe as a contractor being practical and genuine goes a long way.

Have you always been interested in taking things apart and putting them back together?
Yes, that started at a young age with my dad always working on trucks and bikes. I guess I never grew out of that. Then when I got the opportunity at 17 to become an apprentice millwright at a sawmill through the RAP program it was an easy choice.

What are your must-have tools?
Must-haves for me are every single tool I run in my service truck. From the welder to a micrometer, we have to be prepared for many different jobs from day to day.

You offer millwright services to area elevators and farmers. What are your most common jobs?
Generally, there isn’t much repetition. Day-to-day things can change a lot. Most commonly we are maintaining and inspecting equipment and making repairs as needed for customers. Or making changes to get machines to run more efficiently. Also replacing worn-out parts as needed to get equipment back up and running in an efficient manner.

How long can an average job take?
Depending on whether the job is planned or emergency, unfortunately sometimes things don’t go as planned. So, there isn’t really a common average. Some small jobs can be as little as one hour and some planned work or shutdowns can take more than one week.

As a mobile millwright do you get called out to emergencies a lot?
With harvest going on it is more common to get called out, as time is money in this business. But, yes, being a 24/7 mobile service truck, we do get called out, but that’s what we do, and I wouldn’t change it.

When is your busiest time?
August and September had been our busiest months.

What do you enjoy when you are not working?
Spending time with family and friends. During summer months I like to go out riding. Sometime back we rode down to Montana and went through Yellowstone park. In the winter I pick away at my first truck, a 1981 GMC, that I am restoring.

I also wanted to add for the younger generation like myself that it can be challenging to find something that you like to do every day. There is no simple step-by-step plan to become successful in business. I was told a lot to have a plan B, to have a back-up plan for when things don’t go as you wanted. In my opinion, I would say, once you find something that you really enjoy doing you want to move forward with it. Don’t have a plan B. Don’t have a back-up plan, which will only make things easier to stop your No. 1 plan. Focus on what you want and in time you will get it.


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