Q&A with Kim Macooh, owner of Heads Up

Kim Macooh, left, and Deb Tracy Moen

How long have you been a hair stylist?
I’ve been a stylist for 35 years, and owned Heads Up for 34 years.

Where did you get your start?
I took my training in Grande Prairie then moved back to Spirit River where I did my apprenticeship with Trish Berg at Heads Up. I bought the salon a year later, and the rest is history.

What is your specialty?
My specialty is visiting with my clients (laughs). We do a bit of everything, and I enjoy them all. I have taken many courses, including cutting, updos and advanced colouring.

You recently welcomed a new staff member, Deb Tracy Moen, to the salon. What is Deb’s specialty?
Deb specializes in Creative Hair Design, which includes unisex advanced haircutting, various colouring and foiling techniques, styling and updos.

What would you like your clientele to know about Deb?
Deb is a talented stylist with many years of experience. She has attended multiple courses, including advanced cutting and colouring. Deb, in the past, has competed in hair shows and has received several awards. She was also a former member of Northern BC Regional Hairstyling Team and competed in Vancouver BC.

What is it like to have a new stylist join the salon? Did you know each other?
Deb and I did not know each other before this, but I am so glad that she applied for the job. I enjoy having Deb in the salon. She is great to work with – super helpful, and has brought some new clientele to the salon.

I have Cara Gustafson working with me as well. She is not a stylist but is a great set of helping hands when things are busy – answering the phone, washing hair and sanitizing between clients. That helps me to stay on schedule (mostly).

May we ask what your daughter Meagan is doing now?
Meagan is at home with her new son, Rhett, who was born on August second and is our first grandchild.

How do you stay current on trends?
We generally attend a couple of hair shows or classes during the year. But, of course, this year is different, and we may need to look at attending online classes until things get back to normal.

Do you prefer that clients bring in pictures of a style they like, or do you prefer to tailor a cut to the client’s face?
We love pictures! It definitely takes a lot of guesswork out of our job. But with every cut we do try to tweak it so that it suits the client’s face shape, hair type, and lifestyle.

Do you remember the first haircut you ever gave? How did it turn out and how nervous were you?
My first haircut would have been during my training. And, yes, I was nervous! The instructor would have been beside me for the entire cut, then would double check the work afterward.

You offered teeth whitening at one time. Is that still something you offer?
My daughter Meagan was trained to do teeth whitening and had done quite a few clients. I’m hoping she will do it again when she is off maternity leave. 

Other than haircuts, what is the most popular service you offer?
Colouring, for sure, and probably waxing as well.

When you are not working, what can you be found doing?
I enjoy spending time with my family, especially my new grandson, and I enjoy cooking. Canning is especially busy right now.

At A Glance

  • Business: Heads Up
  • Location: 4603-50th Street, Spirit River
  • Phone: (780) 864-3026
  • E-mail: macooh@telus.net