Q&A with Kim Imes Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten Teacher at Spirit River Regional Academy

Kim Imes and Bernie

As going to kindergarten is a big step in a child’s life, we sat down with Kim Imes and Bernie for some serious questions that kids want to know.

Is kindergarten like pre-school?
It is a little like pre-school. We get to make friends, learn and play together. Sometimes pre-school is half a day, and you only get one snack time. At kindergarten we get to stay for snacks and lunch time and three recesses.

Did you used to go to kindergarten?
I sure did go to kindergarten. I remember riding the bus with my sister and my mom picking me up after school. I enjoyed playing at fun centers and making lots of friends. My favorite thing was playing outside on the playground.

How old is Bernie?
Bernie actually just turned five just like some of the kids that will start kindergarten this year.

Does Bernie go to kindergarten too?
Yes, he does. Bernie loves coming to school with me and spending time with the kids. He thinks kids are really smart, and he likes to learn things from them. He also helps me teach some important things – like how to be safe, appreciate others and love yourself.

Is Bernie going to have to wear a mask?
Bernie doesn’t have to wear a mask, but he does have one. He wanted to try wearing one to see what it was like to wear a mask. Bernie thought it might be kind of scary to have a mask on, but he discovered it wasn’t too bad. I let him draw a funny face on his mask and now he kind of likes it.

What if I can’t remember where my cubby is?
If there is anything that you don’t know or can’t remember at school, you can always ask your teacher for help. Teachers love talking to the kids in their class, and asking questions helps us learn.

Will there be story time?
Yes, there will be story time at school. Kids and teachers love stories! Bernie’s favorite story is called Veggies with Wedgies, and it’s pretty silly.

How about play time?
Yes, we will have playtime! Play is an important part of our day in kindergarten. When children engage in meaningful play, they are learning a lot! Play time will look a little different this year because we have to make sure we keep everyone safe, but it will still be fun.

Do I have to eat all my lunch, or can I trade it with a friend?
It is important to eat the food that comes from our own homes. Some kids in your class may be allergic to some things. Eating only our own food helps keep everyone safe and healthy.

Do I get homework?
No, you won’t get any homework that you have to do in kindergarten. Kids are always learning no matter what they are doing, so we want you to go home and do things – like play with your brothers and sisters, help dad and mom, read stories and have some adventures. If you really like to do reading and writing practice, just ask your teacher. I’m sure we can send some homework if you really want some.

What if there is a new kid, and my best friend likes her/him more?
Sometimes the people we like to play with and spend the most time with changes. That doesn’t mean we can’t still be friends. I’m sure there’s always someone else you can find that needs a good friend like you.

What if I don’t like school?
That’s actually a pretty easy one. Talk to your teacher and your parents. Tell them how you feel about school and what part is bothering you. Teachers and parents love to help you, and they want you to be happy at school. Together you can probably figure out some ways to make school fun.