Alberta COVID-19 active cases down to 400

Active cases in Alberta dipped by to 400, down 184 over the past 24 hours. The active cases include 53 people in hospital, four of whom are in the North Zone, which includes the Central Peace, Grande Prairie and surrounding communities. Six people are in intensive care units.

The active cases also include 59 residents of continuing care facilities across the province.

Thirty-four new cases have been identified out of 2,709 tests completed in the past 24 hours.

Below is a breakdown, by health zones, of active COVID-19 cases in Alberta.

  • Calgary Zone – 309 active cases (minus 131)
  • South Zone – 28 active cases (minus 14)
  • Edmonton Zone – 44 active cases (minus 25)
  • North Zone – 17 active cases (minus 11)
  • Central Zone – number of active cases unknown
  • There are 2 active cases and 9 recovered cases in zones that are yet to be confirmed.