Peace Region road projects will create 870 jobs, province says

Minister of Transportation Ric McIver, left, and Premier Jason Kenney

The Peace Region will benefit from more than 870 new jobs through investments in maintenance to highways, bridges, pothole repairs and other safety measures, the Government of Alberta said.

These projects are part of the $2 billion that government announced on April 9 to get Alberta back to work.

Some of the shovel-ready road and bridge repair projects that will begin in the Peace Region in the next few months include:

  • Beginning preparation for grade widening on Highway 697 near La Crete.
  • Repaving 19 kilometres of Highway 35 south of the Town of High Level.
  • Repaving 32 kilometres of Highway 684 from Highway 2 to the Town of Peace River.
  • Repaving 42 kilometres of Highway 43 between Fox Creek and Valleyview.
  • Grading 19 kilometres of Highway 679 from Highway 49 to Highway 2.
  • Repaving 13 kilometres of Highway 670 east of Highway 43.
  • Slide repair on Highway 40 near the Kakwa River.
  • Repaving 12 kilometres of Highway 2 from west of Kinuso to east of Highway 33.
  • Various slide repairs throughout the Peace Region.

In addition, $60 million will be spent provincewide on pothole repairs and other critical safety measures. 

These projects will bring hundreds of badly needed jobs to the Peace region and pave the way for future economic growth, while improving driving conditions, safety, and getting the best value for taxpayers out of existing highways and bridges.

“The Peace Region is an increasingly important economic driver for our province, and these projects will help ensure necessary transportation corridors are ready to support the region’s businesses and job creators once the economy recovers, while creating badly needed jobs in the short term,” Minister of Transportation Ric McIver said.