Vermilion waters recede, but danger still looms

The causeway beside the Highway 88 Peace River Bridge. // Mackenzie County

The water levels in Fort Vermilion are receding as the ice jam by Beaver Ranch released, according to an announcement from Mackenzie County while also saying that the County has just been informed by Alberta Environment and Parks of another jam further downstream, which may cause water levels in Fort Vermilion to rise again.

The mandatory evacuation order is still in effect. The County said waters are still too high to make assessment for losses and damages at this time.

On Monday, April 27, Alberta Health Services issued a boil water advisory, advising Fort Vermilion residents to bring their water to a rolling boil for at least one minute before use. The advisory will be in effect until safety of water can be assured.

Due to COVID 19, the County is not accepting any donations.

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