Dr. Hinshaw addresses events-cancellation letdown

Dr. Deena Hinshaw, Alberta’s chief medical officer of health, reiterated her stand to keep the current mass-gathering restriction in place until evidence demonstrates the COVID-19 spread has been controlled – which means summer events and festivals cannot go ahead as organizers have planned. She said social gatherings “can result in significant spread of the virus” from just one person who may not even know he or she has been infected.

Dr. Hinshaw made the statement to address anger and disappointment from organizers who have had to cancel summer events. “The virus that causes COVID-19 will be with us for many months to come, and the relatively low case numbers we are seeing in most of the province are the result of our collective efforts and sacrifices. COVID-19 is still with us. And it spreads rapidly through social interactions,” she said in her daily briefing.

Alberta now has 4,017 COVID-19 cases, of which 1,397, or about 35%, have recovered. Deaths have risen to 72, up five from yesterday.

Below is a breakdown, by health zones, of COVID-19 cases across the province.

  • 2,833 cases in the Calgary Zone – 71%
  • 466 cases in the Edmonton Zone – 12%
  • 444 cases in the South Zone – 11%
  • 165 cases (plus 8) in the North Zone – 4%
  • 82 cases in the Central Zone – 2%
  • 27 cases (investigation continues to identify health zones) – 1%