1 GP County COVID-19 case has recovered

One of the three COVID-19 cases in the County of Grande Prairie has ceased to be active and is now classified as recovered. Two cases remain active. The news came on the heels of an earlier report of the two COVID-19 cases in the City of Grande Prairie also having fully recovered and been purged from the list of active cases.

Five new cases were tracked in the North Zone, which also includes the Central Peace and surrounding areas, within a 24-hour period, bringing the new total to 95.

Throughout Alberta, 50 new cases were confirmed. Alberta now has 1,423 cases and 29 COVID-19 deaths.

Alberta is also raising a probable scenario of the virus reaching its peak in mid-May. During the peak period, an estimated 820 people could require hospitalization, with more than a quarter requiring critical care.

Below is a breakdown of the COVID-19 cases across the province:

  • 860 cases in the Calgary Zone
  • 368 cases in the Edmonton Zone
  • 95 cases in the North Zone
  • 72 cases in the Central Zone
  • 26 cases in the South Zone
  • two cases (location remains under investigation)