Q&A with Douglas Warren Greenfield, Administrator of Peace Country Writers

Doug and Maggie Greenfield

What made you decide to offer a “writers showcase” to feature local writers?
As an author I understand how valuable it is to get your name known and make people aware of your work. My wife Maggie (editor and CAO) and I offer the Peace Country Writers website as a community service through Artscript Canada Web Design and Business Promotion.

You have made the website available to fellow writers who are in the Peace Country. How many writers have you featured to date?
We have 26 authors and 14 bloggers showcased on the site.

You also feature bloggers. What made you decide to feature them?
Yes, bloggers and freelance writers are welcome on Peace Country Writers, and we endeavour to encourage all local writers in some way. Authors often begin their careers by blogging.

How do Peace Country area writers find out about you?
Peace Country Writers is accessible online and is a privately owned website in which we showcase wholesome, family-safe reading; hence, the invitation. If an author wishes to be showcased on this promotional website they are encouraged to contact us with their author bio and book information pending an invitation.

What are your criteria for featuring a writer?
First, one must be a local Peace Country writer or have written a book while in the Peace Region. Second, the book must pass our interpretation of family-safe reading. Third, we require an author’s bio, an image of the author and the book cover and a description of the book contents.

Are there specific genres you look for, or do you accept any genre of books as long as they are from Peace Country writers?
Almost all genres are welcome as long as they comfortably fit into family-safe reading

There are a lot of books listed on what you call your web showroom. How do people become aware that they can purchase books by local authors from your site?
Each author provides purchase information for their book. Some are listed on Amazon. Some are available from other sources.

You also have writers groups listed. Are writer groups popular, and what do they entail?
There are writers groups in most larger communities, and we are happy to advertise these groups if they contact us. Writers groups are a very supportive and valuable resource for any writer. Here, a person can practice writing in a variety of group scenarios as well as expand their overall knowledge of publishing and marketing.

Do you belong to a writers group?
Unfortunately, I don’t have access to a group near me.

Do you stay in contact with the writers from this area?
Keeping the site updated requires my interaction with listed authors. We are also looking for advertising dollars from book stores or other businesses that would allow us to advertise the Peace Country authors and writers website and subsequently our listed writers and their work.

What is the best piece of advice you can give a potential writer?
If you feel you have a story to tell, if you feel you have something to share with the world write, write, practice, practice, research. And keep on writing. If you want people to take your writing seriously always use proofreaders and always have a good editor.

Finally, do you have any updates on your own work since we last talked?
Yes. My novel, A Time To Run continues to be a popular read. (“Those who do not remember the past will be condemned to relive it!”)

I am about to relaunch my 2004 autobiography Child of the Land under the new title of Beyond the Homestead (Growing up on a homestead in the Peace River Country, all that I needed to know about life I learned from the land.)

I am also working to complete my 2019 book, The Celestial Citizen (Are you ready for tomorrow?)