(Sonny) Maurice Clarence Engebretson (May 14, 1934 – December 1, 2019)

(Sonny) Maurice Clarence Engebretson was born May 14, 1934 in Canyon Creek Alberta – a fishing hamlet on the shores of Lesser Slave Lake. A home to mostly fur farmers who fished the lake to feed their mink.

My father was a trucker. He started driving highway tractors at the age of 14 in 1948 for my grandfather Herb Engebretson and sons. They hauled fuel. Mom and dad ran a small trucking company from 1956 to 1971. After getting out of trucking, dad had a lot of miles under his belt, all highways. He would have made a good Driving Instructor.

Dad and mom had a hobby they really enjoyed and it was running flat horses, thoroughbreds. Father was a pretty good horse shoer. After getting the horses shod, he would get drunk and me and mom would take over. They ran their horses at local tracks, like Teepee Creek, Grande Prairie, Dawson Creek and Rio Grande, where you tie your horses to a popular tree or the side of a horse trailer. There are not too many knowledgeable race horse people left. I will miss them. Rest in peace.