Q&A with Andrew Nowicki, owner of All In One Home Inspections Ltd

How many years have you been in this business and how did you get your start?
I incorporated my business in 2010 after I was laid off from Qualico Build Homes in Grande Prairie, where I was a coordinator for ANHWP ) Alberta New Home Warranty Program).

Who and where are your customers?
My potential customers are new home buyers, first-time home buyers, people seeking to renovate their homes, and commercial property owners.

Walk us through the process of a home inspection, if you would.
I will go through every inch of your house – from the base of the foundation to the shingles on the roof and everything in between. Once the inspection is complete I will present the client with a detailed report, discuss options and also provide a home maintenance guide.

Do you offer other services?
I also offer mold and air quality inspections. Additionally, I offer Ozone Blasting, and I am a member of o3Canada.com.

How is your business different from your competitors? How do you stand out?
Every business has something to offer, and most people tend to do their research before hiring someone. They look for price, knowledge and then make a decision to hire a business. We are very affordable. No job is too big or too small. We employ a third-party lab for sample analysis to prevent the possibility of conflict of interest.

Has the market changed since you started out? If so, how have you adapted?
The market changes all the time. Government changes policy, banks change rates, people change with technology. There are more demands with every change. I adjust conscientiously, adequately, and adapt quickly to new situations.

Where can you be found on your down time? Any special hobbies?
You can find me in my spare time playing with my four grandkids. I like gardening, and I like to travel. Recently I was in Boulder, Colorado, attending an Inspection Fair.