Q&A with Angie Hayden, owner of Dragonflies Den

Angie Hayden

You started off on one of the side streets in town, how has the move to the new place been?
The transition from my old space to the one on Main Street was the best decision I had made. It gave The Dragonflies Den more exposure for the public. We have way more foot traffic and people coming through each day.

What is your favourite service you offer?
I would have to say Reiki is the best service that I offer – the reason being that I love to help people. Reiki helps in numerous ways. I love the difference in even the facial features and eyes of clients before and after a treatment. They often look and feel so much lighter.

How long have you been interested in health and wellness?
I have always had a vision of a little healing store of my own. I started my spiritual development with a local teacher over 20 years ago. I had veered off that path for a few years with different work, but when I had taken my masters with Reiki everything then started to click back into place. I had initially just had been looking for an office space for my Reiki practice but ended up finding a space for my long-dreamed vision of a store. I had opened up last April and have not looked back. It has been a great adventure.

What would people be surprised to find at your store?
There is a little of everything in the store. I think people are surprised to find unique gift ideas for all ages. We carry a lot of local handmade products, which to me is very important. It helps support the hardworking local entrepreneurs showcase all their beautiful work.

What else do you plan to bring in to the store down the road?
In the fall I will be starting a full mentorship program for people who want to develop or enhance their psyche. I recently received my Spiritual Life Coach diploma, so I will then incorporate the coaching with the teachings of Unsai Reiki. I am currently working towards masters in Deep Cellular Healing as well. I will also be bringing in different workshops that people will be able to partake in as well. In today’s world, people tend to be stressed and burn the candle at both ends.

What is the best advice you can give someone to live their healthiest life possible?
The advice I would give is Self-Care. Self-care is any activity that we can do to take care of our mental, emotional and physical health. Take the time out for a massage, Reiki treatment or whatever makes you feel whole again. We often overlook self-care as we get to busy with life. Good self-care is the key to improved mood and reduced anxiety.

How can people benefit from a store like yours?
The benefits from a store like mine would be to be relaxed. I want people to always feel welcome when they walk through that door. A place where they can pour themselves a tea, take their time looking for that special gift. Book in for a massage with Mishaela or a Reiki session with myself or come partake in one of our many workshops.

You put on a Summer Solstice. What made you decide to do this and how has the vendor response been?
Then Summer Solstice was talked about for some time before we had brought it to light. My main objective to the Summer Solstice was for people to come from all places to part take in huge celebration of different modalities right here in our little town. I had wanted it to be unlike any other market or fair, where people could walk through and shop, or get a session with different practioners or readers and for people to be able to experience different. The vendor response was amazing. We had vendors in from as far as Calgary and Red Deer. I look forward to a larger festival next year.

When you are not working, where can we find you?
When I am not working you can find me at home with my loving and supportive spouse Rick and my kids Jordan, Gracie, Keaton, Anna and Clay. I feel at ease when I am out gardening or playing with the kids and our little herd of animals.