Q&A with Courtney Markovich, owner of Courtney Markovich Equine Therapy

You are an Equine Therapist. What does this entail?
I asses the conformation of the horse, which is how the horse is put together. I check horses to see:

  • if sections of their main body are proportionate
  • whether there are any abnormalities in the legs as well as the way the horse stands – whether they stand on all four legs or they shift their weight back and forth a lot, whether the horse moves with a free flowing movement or the horse is stiff-looking
  • if there are any deviations on one side of the body versus the other side as well as muscle pain in certain areas of the body

Are you an animal Chiropractor?
No. Legally, I cannot call myself a chiropractor I am called either an equine therapist or an equine body worker. I do spinal manipulations as well as massage to fix spinal subluxations on the animals. I work on horses, cows and dogs.

How did you get started in this business?
I hired this amazing lady to work on my horse years ago and after that appointment I said to myself, “That is what I want to be.”

How do you diagnose problems?
I use acupressure points to find problem areas. The animal will flinch in a sort of pain response, then I check for joint mobility as well as mobility of the spine. The body of the horse is like a puzzle. I need to pinpoint the problem and put the pieces together where they are supposed to be.

How do you get a horse to allow you to treat it?
Horses love to be stretched and massaged. When I’m assessing and working I’m very calm and talk to them. If you watch their body language and facial expressions they can tell you a lot.

What is the most common injury you are asked to fix?
I don’t necessarily get called out for injuries, but I get asked to help or to fix body pain and horses whose movement seems “off” to the owner.

What is Magna Wave and how is it used?
Magna Wave is PEMF therapy, which stands for pulsed electro-magnetic field therapy. This therapy is drug free and non- invasive and is also used for healing non-union fractures, stimulating bone growth, helping with post-operative pain and edema, urinary incontinence and muscle stimulation, depression, anxiety, stem-cell production, laminitis in horses feet as well as pulling abscessed. Our bodies rely on the magnetic field to survive and function. If the magnetic field within our bodies are abnormal diseases start to develop and the body deteriorates faster.

Do you work on other animals as well?
With the Magna Wave I use it on people, cats, dogs, horses, cows and I’ve even used it on a pig.

Do you make house calls or do the horses come to you?
I travel to people’s homes to work because I want the animal to feel comfortable in its home environment. I do, however, have haul-in days at my home where people can bring their animals to me.

What other services do you offer?
I offer one other service, which is Kinesiology taping. Taping is used for inflammation, pain and stabilization.

What does an average day look like for you?
An average day includes lots of driving, disinfecting of equipment, loud music, horse hair everywhere as well as meeting cool new people along the way.

What do you do after work to relax?
Once I get home I feed all my animals – horses, chickens, cat and dog. Then I collect eggs and if I’m lucky to be home before dark I will go for a horseback ride.