Q&A with Kathy Lundquist, owner of Used-To Be New

Kathy Lundquist had lived in the area all of her life. She was born in Dawson Creek and was raised in Bonanza. She farmed with her husband in Silver Valley and after retiring they moved to Spirit River.

Lundquist started the second-hand shop in Rycroft in Feburary 2018 and keeps it open from Monday to Thursday, 9am-5 pm.

What made you decide to start a second-hand retail shop?
I’ve always shopped at second-hand shops myself. I just wanted to serve the community. I love it and love the people. We get the coolest things – tools, dishes, books (old books, children’s books). I am also a crafter, so I get a lot of my crafter stuff from the store.

How did you collect merchandise when you started?
They just came. My family and friends just brought stuff, tons of stuff. The stuff just showed up – antiques, weird stuff. books. It’s amazing how just stuff keep coming. We also get a lot from auctions. We have great stuff.

What keeps you going?
I feel that this is what I’m supposed to do, and I feel that this is my calling. I pray for people to come, and two hours later they come. Amazing things happen. People just connect here. I meet wonderful people and people make new friends.

Are you preparing for Christmas?
We have a room full of Christmas stuff. Also, we will be doing Christmas crafts. Kids come in here. They just drop in and make things. So we make things, and we will do Christmas crafts.

Do you get requests for things?
Oh, yes. I have a guy who wants all military stuff. There’s also agal who wants wool and yet another who buys all the lace we get and very strange tools, old cameras. There is a guy who collects spoons. Strange stuff like old headlights surprise us when they sell but they do. Tools sell. And we make use of everything. Lots of stuff like jeans make great crafts. We break up ceramics and have glass for mosaics, which is pretty unique.

How has business been in Rycroft?
Business is good, and the people are great. But we need more business in Rycroft. I did not want to compete with the thrift shop in Spirit River, so I came to Rycroft.

What are your favourite things in the shop?
I love unique and unusual things. Fun old things and antiques.

Do you have regular customers?
Oh, yes. and I know them all. The coffee is always on. The community is great, like family. People come in to craft and to visit or to treasure hunt. Just tell me what you collect or look for.